About Epworth

Where We Come From

The origins of Epworth United Methodist Church began in 1893 in the old Odd Fellows Hall on York Road in Cockeysville. As the church grew, so did the faith and ambitions of that original congregation. Moves were made over the years to larger facilities to accommodate the growing congregation. Finally in 1976, after much planning and prayerful consideration, the church bought farm property on Warren Road and began construction of our current church a year later.

From day one, Epworth has been living the Methodist focus on grace, serving others both locally and around the world, and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

We also join other Christian denominations in the common beliefs in:

  • God, Our Creator
  • Jesus Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Humanity's Need for Grace
  • The Church
  • Scripture
  • The Kingdom of God

Whether you are just starting your faith journey or already on the path to a fulfilled life through Christ, Epworth United Methodist Church is here to help you grow your faith. Whether it's through our weekly services, small groups, mission trips, outreach programs, or music ministry, we have something to meet everyone's spiritual needs.

Where We're Headed

With a rich history as a Bible-based congregation, we're excited about our future in the Cockeysville community as well as the impact of our mission work on the broader community. At a time when faith connections are needed more than ever, we're ready to be that "new home" for all those seeking a faith family.

We're continuing our strong history of mission work and plan to add new ways to help others in need both in Cockeysville and beyond. We're excited about growing our children and youth ministries to ensure families of all sizes find their Christian connection at Epworth.

Finally, and most important, we are committed to meeting each person where they are in their faith journey and helping them experience the amazing love, grace, and comfort of Christ.

What This Means For You

Epworth is ready to help you connect with Christ in the ways that are most impactful to you. We offer traditional and non-traditional services for worship as well as a wide mix of fellowship opportunities to grow closer to other members of the congregation. We have plenty of mission options as well that allow you to impact the lives of others.

Whether it's worship, fellowship, service, or any combination of these, we invite you to give Epworth a try and see if you've found your "new home".