ECC Staff

Meet the Teaching Staff

The Epworth Children's Center is filled with a dedicated group of pre-school educators that are devoted to the children in each class. Led by our Director, Melissa Feigenbaum, they provide hands-on instruction to children from infancy through age five.

Melissa Feigenbaum - Director

Theresa Harold - Assistant Director/Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Danielle Berger - 3-4-Year-Old Teacher

Eboni Barber- 3-4 Year Old Teacher

Yiarra Batson- 2-Year-Old Teacher

Jamira Shird- 2-Year-Old Teacher

Haley Rosendale- 2- 3-Year-Old Teacher

Julianni Rosi- 2-3-Year-Old Teacher

Donna Ball - 2-Year-Old through Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Kiya Furnanders - Infant and Toddler Teacher

Nashaly Reyes-Melendez- Infant and Toddler Teacher

Alyssa "Lucien" Marsh - Infant and Toddler Teacher

Telia Bennett - Infant and Toddler Teacher

Greyanna Savage- Infant and Toddler Teacher