Become Involved in Epworth’s Mission Trip

Saturday, November 18

Back in the Pre-Pandemic Era (aka The Good Old Days), we sponsored a mission trip each summer. Adults and youth traveled together (ate together, prayed together, worked together) to places of great need—providing housing repair and other services.

Last year, we were able to send a group to First Fruits Farm, a local non-profit hunger ministry, to build a woodshed. This year, we are exploring the possibility of traveling to Red Bird Mission in Kentucky the week of June 25-30.

The trouble is: the organization of a trip like this has, in past years, fallen squarely on the shoulders of those taking the trip—on our congregation’s behalf—including raising the funds. So our own Mr. Mission (aka Mr. Mike) found himself planning a Chili Cook Off and Yard Sale on top of using his vacation time from his job to head up the trip!

YOU can change this! “Me?” you ask. “How?”

• Familiarize yourself/fall in love with Red Bird Mission

• Consider going along on the trip—they use folk with all kinds of skill levels, physical abilities, etc. (they even accept pastors with arthritic knees and frozen shoulders)

• Step up and head up a fund-raiser

• Pray for discernment for whether we can get a mission trip together this year

• Pray for Red Bird, for the people it serves, for our potential team

• Talk to Mike G. ask “What do you need?”

• Talk to God, saying “Here I am, Lord!”

• If possible (even if it means skipping Starbucks for a month or two) write a check for $425 (the cost/participant) as a scholarship for someone who wants to go, but can’t afford to participate.