Complete an Examen

Friday, March 24

St. Ignatius of Loyola recorded his “Spiritual Exercises” in the 16th century. Born in Spain, he was the founder of the Society of Jesus—the Jesuits. A priest, reformer, and mystic, Ignatius founded the Roman College as well as homes for orphans and others in need.

One of his spiritual exercises is the Daily Examen: a method of praying and self-reflection that brings God’s presence throughout the day into focus. Generally, in a true Ignatian Examen, there are four steps—BUT, lest you are tempted to blow this one off as “way too Roman Catholic,” I am giving you the Adam Hamilton variation.

Of all the spiritual practices we’ve undertaken in pursuit of Soul-Tending, this has proven an invaluable tool for my personal devotions (and one I need to get back to on a daily basis!).

Try this examen practice today.