Meditate on Scripture - Tuesday

Tuesday, April 4

During Holy Week, I hope you will find time to meditate on scripture every day using the “Seven Last Sayings of Christ” as he hung on the cross. Use the Lectio Divina method from March 10:

Spend at least five minutes on each step.

1) Read the passage several times, taking note of any words or phrases that stand out for you.

2) Reflect: consider why God brought the word or phrase to the forefront as you read or listened.

3) Respond: Pray silently or aloud, asking God to lead you deeper into the passage.

4) Rest: Spend the remaining time sitting quietly with God.

Today’s Saying: Luke 23:43 “...“Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Go deeper: In response to Christ’s promise to the thief hanging next to him, complete the daily Examen (see Friday, March 24).