Create a Study Space

Tuesday, Mar. 7

In addition to establishing a regular time for scripture study, many folks find it helpful to set up a regular space that is conducive to contemplation and prayer. Find a quiet, comfortable space. If it’s helpful for you, light a candle or perhaps turn on some soft, sacred music…whatever gets you in a good headspace for removing yourself from the fray and putting yourself in the “God Zone.” You may want to have a cross or an icon in your space. And a cup of coffee or tea is appropriate (especially if you’re getting up early to make time for God). You may need to negotiate with your spouse, kids, or housemates to give you time and space to study.

If you have a plan for daily reading, jump in. Or, if you need a suggestion, open to the 5th chapter of Matthew’s gospel and start reading the beatitudes (Blessed are…). Read the first 12 verses silently, then aloud. Read these verses several times through. Listen for what God is saying to you.

Go deeper: Using your favorite search engine, look up "Biblical Commentary Beatitudes" (or use the tools on Read about the passage and ask yourself if the commentary was helpful or confusing.

Were there any words or phrases that you weren’t quite sure about? Why do you think Jesus began with a list of blessings for his first big sermon? Record the answers in your journal.