Find Your Bible

Monday, Mar. 6

For some of you, this will be easy because daily scripture reading is an important part of your day. For others, your primary bible is on your phone or tablet. If you’re not someone who regularly engages with scripture in any medium, don’t fret (and stop feeling guilty). This Lenten season is about developing new ways to get closer to God; if scripture reading is new for you GOOD FOR YOU!

For today’s practice, I recommend using an old-school printed bible. You may have to dust it off, but that’s okay! Try to remember when and where you got it: was it a gift, was it passed down from a relative? What translation is it? Then, let it fall open; does it open to a specific favorite passage? Are there notes or other markings? If so, who wrote these (BTW, the bible is a tool and margin notes are not forbidden—unless your bible is a Guttenberg or other museum piece.) Open to a passage you know (the 23rd psalm or Luke 2); is the language easy to understand or does it seem antiquated and hard to comprehend.

Now, go online to Spend a few minutes poking around the site—look at the tools for studying in the drop down menu on the left. Then look up a familiar passage and type it into the search at the top. On the right side is another drop down menu that will let you see the scripture in a variety of translations and paraphrases. Find the clearest, most understandable version and order a print bible for yourself (if you can’t afford one, contact the office), or download the app if you’re comfortable reading online.

If you want to go deeper: pray while holding your bible (or electronic device). Commit yourself to 20 minutes to a half hour of daily reading and meditating on God’s word.