Make a "Penny Run"

Tuesday, March 14

The Thrifty Penny, Epworth’s own thrift shop extraordinaire, has been serving the community for more than 40 years—and I do mean “serving.” Proceeds from this vital ministry have provided tens of thousands of dollars to Epworth’s local, national, and global mission projects. Managed and staffed exclusively by "volunteers" i.e. "unpaid disciples," the Thrifty Penny often gives away clothing and household goods to people need.

Today, I want you to pray about how you can become involved—how you can serve. Perhaps your closets are overflowing with clothes that are still serviceable (and not terribly out of style); a friend of mine has a great method for clothes shopping: every time he buys something, he donates an article of clothing to a charity. Maybe you have kitchenware or decorative items that you have no place to store or display. Consider donating these to The Penny. (But first, look over your “treasures” and make sure they are not…ahem…better described as “trash.”)

If your house is well organized and you’ve cast off your extraneous stuff, consider giving time to our thrift shop; in addition to working in the store, there are many jobs to be done: sorting, cleaning, laundering…there is also merchandise that is passed on to Goodwill that needs to be delivered.

Stop by and visit—especially if you haven’t been in a while. You’ll probably leave with a treasure or two! You can also share information about the Thrifty Penny on your social media accounts, and offer a big “Thank you” to those who keep it running.