Pick a Personal Project

Thursday, March 16

Pick a Personal Project and Do It

Like the song says, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.” Be the spark. The catalyst.

A few years ago, one of our Girl Scouts wanted to hold a sock drive for homeless folks; she asked me if she could ask the congregation to help. Of course! She came up with a clever, alliterative name: “S----’s September Sock Spectacular” (or something somewhat similar) and stood before the worshippers each Sunday for a month to make her plea. Her original goal of 200 pairs quickly was raised to 300, then 400, then 800! Her final count? Over 1,000 pairs of socks covering more than 2,000 feet! All because a fifth grader had an idea and saw it through!

And then there’s John McG; he accepted $50 from me in worship a year and a half ago with the challenge of investing it for mission (think parable of the talents). For a donation to mission, John and his trusty truck will haul a load of whatever to wherever! Hundreds of dollars—thousands of socks! Two people serving hundreds of others while giving still dozens of others an opportunity to get involved.

It only takes a spark….