Reclaim Sabbath, pt. 1

Tuesday, March 28

There is an absolutely excellent article by Christine Spicer, “Reclaiming Sabbath,” on the website of Point Loma Nazarene University. Take 20 minutes to read and reflect:

Journal your answers to the following:

• Do I tend to judge people according to their work? (When I meet someone, how quickly do I ask “what do you do?”

• Do I tend to evaluate my own worth by what I produce?

• Do I really see life as a gift from God?

• And, from the article, those vexing “practical questions:” “If we long for a deep, restorative Sabbath rest – the kind that reorients identity and includes those in need – we might be vexed by practical questions: what would reclaiming the Sabbath actually look like? Should we adhere to the same practices as Jews, lighting candles, avoiding specific categories of work, and reciting ancient prayers? Should we create or discover new guidelines for a more uniquely Christian Sabbath? Should we throw rules out the window completely to avoid Pharisaism? And how, in our overloaded lives, can we possibly set aside one day in every seven for worship and rest alone?”