Explore Contemplative Photography

Tuesday, March 21

Tuesday’s forecast is even warmer and sunnier than Monday’s, so repeat the walking and talking, only this time take your phone (or go old school and take along a camera). Today’s exercise is about learning to look with the eyes of your heart. Look closely at something God has made: perhaps a tree, a cloud, or a leaf—even an insect. Record an image (or several); instead of “taking” a picture (much less “snapping” or “shooting”) adopt the stance of receiving an image from God. Remember, the goal is not photographic excellence—your aim is to see differently. Remember to thank God for the gifted image.

If you want to go deeper: Consider writing a haiku (a three-line poem with a 5 syllable first line, a 7 syllable second line, and a 5 syllable third line) or an “acrostic” verse (pick a descriptive word and write it vertically; then, use each letter to begin the line. So, if you record an insect image, you might do something like:

Acrostic verse:

B igger than a flea

U gly to some

G od sees your beauty


Fickle honeybee

searching for sweeter nectar

feckless reckless free