Just Say NO!

Thursday, March 30

Again, let me stress that Sabbath is not about legalism—that being said, there are some things to avoid—especially if you are finding it hard to disengage from your usual schedule. If you can’t find an entire day (at first—just cuz it’s hard doesn’t mean we give up working toward this COMMANDMENT), try to fast from:

• The Internet: the average American spends nearly seven hours online each day! Try putting the phone in your pocket or purse for use in emergencies only. No checking email and no Social Media for a day (or even a few hours as you ease your way into Sabbath)

• Feeling Guilty about making time for resting with God

• Anxiety (a tough one)

• Laundry and household chores (trust me; they will be there tomorrow)

• TV and video games: the average American spends shy of four hours in front of the TV each day, mostly now on streaming services

If you try any of these “fasts” record your reflections in your journal: did you feel anxious? Relieved? Restored? Non-productive? What did you miss the most?

If you want to go deeper: look at your smart phone data. How much time do you spend scrolling, texting, checking email—or actually speaking to another person? Be honest: are you addicted to your phone? The next time you’re in a restaurant look around; how many people are engaged with their phones (often instead of the people at their tables)?