Sing Praise to God

Friday, March 31

To be aware of God’s presence is, in itself, a form of worship. Try putting your experience into words.

• Sing your favorite hymn OUT LOUD—it can be in the shower or when you are driving alone, but sing like you mean it

• Pray The Lord’s Prayer OUT LOUD, three times a day: upon waking, at your midday meal, and before bedtime

• Pray your mealtime blessing/gratitude OUT LOUD (even in a restaurant…for real)

• Try saying your daily prayers OUT LOUD, beginning with thanksgiving

Go deeper: Consider offering the Prayer for the Preacher one Sunday during our 11:00 worship. If you feel more comfortable/confident write it out and read it. I rely on your prayers, and this is good practice for the world (so many people are in need of prayer—your prayer)!